Is your company looking for occupational and workers compensation services?

Are you looking for Drug Testing, DOT Physicals or Pre-Employment Physicals?

WeCareMD offers multiple services related to workplace injuries, illnesses and wellness. Our Occupational Medicine focuses on treating non-emergent injuries sustained at work. Now, when an injury occurs on the job, you can direct your employees to our conveniently located WeCareMD facility. We treat a variety of job related injuries including cuts, bruises, back injuries, abrasions, sprains, fractures and more.

Allow WeCareMD to be a vital part of your company's risk control program. Take advantage of our convenient location and let us conduct your Pre-Employment Screenings, DOT Physicals and Employee Drug Testing Program.

Our Board Certified Providers are here to meet all of your healthcare needs. Call our Practice Manager Lisa Williams at (770) 943-7808 to get your program started today.